Expert On-Site Sand Coordinators Available!

When you have a complex job and need expert frac sand coordination, Circle Bar A, Inc has the teams to support you. We work closely with your site engineer and dispatcher to ensure the receiving and unloading of your crucial proppant frac sand shipments happens without delay. Our professional on-site support teams have years of experience in delivering proppant frac sand to the oil fields, and are an invaluable asset to have on your site.

Our crews sustain themselves so you don’t have to. Our sand coordination teams come with a full life-support package of a truck, living trailer, generator, GPS and advanced communications equipment. This means our expert team is not having to stay miles away in a hotel, but is there to help at your site 24 hours a day until the job is done. We have as many teams as you need to handle your crucial proppant frac sand coordination operations in any oil field in the continental United States.

Please feel free to contact us for any of your proppant frac sand coordination needs!